Adventure Scores

The MAC Adventure scoring is a system to give you an idea of how difficult each activity will be. This is all very subjective but it's just to give you an idea about an activity if you are not familiar with it.


Technical knowledge required for the activity is measured in a three point scale.

  1. No prior knowledge is needed.

  2. Some knowledge would help but you can get by if you are willing to learn from others.

  3. Technical skill required and not having them could prove fatal.


Difficulty is a measure of how much physical exertion is required for the activity.

  1. Anybody without medical issues should be fine with the level exertion required.

  2. Moderate exercise or long duration of easy effort.

  3. Prolonged or intense activity. If you haven't be training or done something similar you will like be unable to finish the adventure.


Climbing Rainier would be a T3D3. Both good physical fitness and and technical skill are required.

Hike around the block would be a T1D1. It's easy and no prior knowledge is required

Going fishing in bear creek would be a T2D1 If you know how to fish it would help! But if not you can still come and learn.

Driving a car would be a T3D1 If you aren't licensed and know how to drive you may hurt yourself and others. But it's still not much physical effort.

Running a marathon T1D3